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The Pollicino platform allows you to share with your friends and your customers all the information of a visit or of your product. Bring always with you Pollicino in App and Web format and you can share the information card through QrCode. Just one click to take a picture and to generate the QrCode that identifies it. Share the link of the QrCode with all the people you want: it works in an anonymous and immediate way.

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Proximity Marketing

Why is an easy platform for sharing information important?
You can generate as many QrCodes as you need information cards.
For example, if you are visiting a museum you can collect information for each work of art, invite friends to consult them. Our license of use also foresees the case incui you are the owner of the museum.
This is called proximity marketing and is the new technological frontier used by showrooms to share product descriptions.
Imagine entering a store and already have all the descriptions of the products that interest you, share them with your friends to ask for an opinion.

Complete product

The Pollicino platform has many features that will come in handy:

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