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Pisa, famous in the world for the Leaning Tower and Piazza dei Miracoli, is one of the most important cities of the Tuscan tourism scene and, at the university level, home to one of the most prestigious European universities, La Normale. Well connected by train both with Florence and with the main towns of the coast, it is also home to the region's most important airport, with flights to both Italian and European destinations.

If legend has it that the foundation goes back to Achaean warriors after the Trojan war, history illustrates a prestigious past: Pisa was in fact one of the maritime republics that dominated the mercantile life of the Middle Ages, with strong expansions in the eastern Mediterranean in conjunction with the Crusades. The rivalry with Genoa, over the centuries, stopped and limited the prestige of Pisa, to the point of returning to the Florentine domain from the fifteenth century. In contemporary times, Pisa has nevertheless been able to carve out an important space in the cultural and economic life of the region. Indeed, since 1987, Piazza Duomo has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The climate is made special by two factors: the proximity to the sea, which tempers both the warmer and colder months, and the proximity of the Valdarno, with its typical continental features. Lastly, the very rare snowfalls are mainly linked to nocturnal phenomena, without having any real repercussions, since the snow can not take root due to the particularity of the climate.

What are the places to visit in Pisa? Here you can find a guide to Pisa and many useful information: restaurants, hotels, attractions, interesting monuments to visit in Pisa.

 "Standing on the marble bridge, cast your gaze, if you will not be blinded, on its burning bottom like fire; then follow the graceful curves of the buildings on the Lungarno, whose perspective is dominated by the massive tower-prison glimpsed in the dark perspective, and tell me if anything else can exceed a sunset in Pisa »
(Lord Byron)

Pisa - the provincial capital of Tuscany, with about 95,000 inhabitants - has always been a destination for great travelers, writers, poets, Italians and foreigners. Thus describes his meeting with the city, the great Swiss scholar Jacob Burckhardt (1818-1897), in his book "Bilder aus Italien" (Vedute d'Italia), written after his trip to Italy in 1838. The book, which it is still readily used today, it is almost a public confession of his method of art historian, in which the pleasure of travel must always accompany observation.

The floods of the Arno form towards its mouth a marshy and unhealthy plain called the Maremma di Pisa; this runs from Monte Nero through Livorno to Monte Pisano, continuing in a thin strip towards Carrara and Sarzana and to the west it is bounded in every part by the sea. Beside it, towards the mountain that takes its name from it, is the city of Pisa, "a hermit among the Italian cities", depopulated and decayed, but divinely beautiful and made golden by the great memories and splendid monuments. This city should be visited only in the purest of states of mind; only then does it leave behind it that marvelous impression about which it was said: I shall not see in my whole life Pisa, so as not to destroy the first divine impression with a second visit! I also made the same decision at the start and who knows how many hundreds of people have done it before us and how many more will do it after us! This city is splendid in its state of decline, as few cities at the stage of their splendor.
We arrived on a bright evening, coming from Livorno via Maremma, in the company of an old Florentine and a Corsican student who was returning, after the holidays, to the University of Pisa. A cheerful conversation was going on and all my questions were answered with an exhaustive answer; we noticed the high culture of the people, while the Sardinian, with regard to historical things, took care to serve anyone with all sorts of curious stories. It was already dark when we stood for a moment at an old church. According to what I learned, this would be called San Piero in Grado and in the past there would have been the port of Pisa, while now the sea shore is two hours away. Later the Pisans would have set up their port in Porto Pisano, but this too would be mired for a long time and now the nearest airport seems to be Livorno. Pisa fought bravely against adverse circumstances, but her time had come; it sank in front of the mighty Florence and now it is only past.
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Repubblica Marinara di Pisa
Visit Pisa: the important things to know, suggestions and itineraries Pisa, famous in the world for the Leaning Tower and Piazza dei Miracoli, is one of the most important cities o
Repubblica Marinara di Pisa
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