Proximity marketing Proximity marketing Proximity marketing Proximity marketing is one of the new marketing techniques that operates in a specific area.
The technologies used are very innovative: like in films.
For what purpose is winning? Promote the sale of products and services.

This marketing technique does not act on a well-defined target audience, but on individuals who are in a certain area and are close to a device.

The new technological devices, including IoT, are active.
These devices compared to the old passive QrCodes are able to interact with passers-by.
Examples of technologies supported by the Pollicino platform

proximity audio
motion capture
eye tracking
Google Nearby

Proximity marketing is one of the most interesting and rich in opportunities for all digital marketing (even the eBusiness insider sees excellent growth rates in this sector). In other markets, especially the English-speaking ones, the effects in terms of business linked to new digital technologies are already being tested. In Italy, we are still at the dawn of this "revolution", but, precisely for this reason, being the precursors can give significant advantages to companies, professionals and institutions that should not be caught unprepared. If we add to these stimulating prospects the fact that Google, interested in this "appetizing" market niche, has launched the Eddystone project and of Phisycal Web we are sure that we will see some good ...

Finding out in advance the possibilities related to the economy of "talking things" can turn out to be a farsighted and profitable investment. We will try to examine in this column the problems and potentialities related to iBeacon and NFC technologies. We will try to understand why it is advisable to invest in proximity marketing and because the objects able to interact and enrich the user experience can also be useful to companies, shops, institutions, associations and the territory in general. The mobile phone, the mobile experience, the GPS and the blue tooth are overwhelmingly transforming the panorama of traditional marketing and advertising: it is not possible to be caught unprepared.

Pioneers of this technology in our country, in close contact with the best app providers, beacons and technological solutions at an international level, we are working to make the best possible communication and proximity strategies. In this section we will report case history and give you new ideas to adapt the proximiy to the needs of your business and integrate it into your content marketing strategy.

Proximity Marketing: what is it for?
The principle that underlies the activities of Proximity Marketing is very simple.

The company that wants to invest in digital marketing often finds itself concentrating all its efforts on brand awareness and in the customer acquisition phase. It will optimize its website in terms of SEO, create a blog to increase its credibility with the target audience, use Social Media as an active and two-way communication channel with its customers. In short, it will concentrate many of its efforts at the top of the conversion funnel.

What happens instead in the lower part of the funnel, which should also be an area of ​​maximum attention to the marketing of each company? If we talk about a company that completes its online conversion funnel - like an e-commerce, for example - we will not have doubts: the finalization of the process will be entirely internal to the website, with clear and measurable objectives, and the possibility to optimize the flows in the best way.

Most companies, however, do not work like this: the phase of brand awareness and the acquisition of the customer will necessarily follow moments of contact that go beyond the digital world.

Think of a point of sale, a hotel or a tourist resort, to name just a few of the possibilities.

In all these cases, the company has to interact with the customer only in particular moments, all of which have a common feature: they are not digital. The customer enters the store (naturally we talk about the big store, not the pizzicagnolo under the house) and is left to himself in front of a sea of ​​household appliances, for example, or products for do-it-yourself. Only islands in this sea: the few employees in the department who often provide incomplete information (sometimes wrong) and, above all, have to face dozens of customers at a time.

Typical, right?

But it's not just the big shopping centers that are under accusation. I am writing this article in a hotel room. A new hotel, open for a month, equipped with a thousand comforts and a thousand services.

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Proximity marketing
Proximity marketing is one of the new marketing techniques that operates in a specific area. The technologies used are very innovative: like in films. For what purpose is winning?
Proximity marketing
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