Porsche Porsche Boxster 987 Porsche Boxster 987 I chose the Boxster model because in my opinion it is the car with which I can better approach this fantastic world. It is true that it is the smallest: somewhere we must also start.
My budget, as I think many of you, is right for a soft entry: a sports car, maybe to be used every day, must be tested over time.
So in the target there is the 987 from 2005. I also took into account the notorious super stamp for which, to date we have to be under 185KW, so the band shrinks to the years 2005-2009, or the MK1.
In this search of the car I used the two most popular online engines, which I do not name, but all of you know well and I have shot several dealerships in the area.
On average it seems to me that of Boxster used if they are many in central / northern Italy, so if you are in this range, make you a few hours drive can be a pleasure to see them live.

In fact I consider it mandatory to go and see it live: it is your jewel and as such it should be seen under the light of the sun, both for its reflections and its color.
I have studied that there are many original available metallic colors in order for my tastes are:
1. Dark gray / night blue
2. Dark gray
3. Blue
4. Blue night
5. Dark red
6. Metallic black: metallized with reflections
7. Black
8. White (I did not find them for sale, maybe they did not)
9. Light gray

The side screens behind the doors are often light gray or black: always ask if they have been repainted and if they have been disassembled because when they are removed they often lose the latches. You can replace them with around € 200

Even the hood is in different colors: the combination is to your taste. I like very blue on blue, or gray paint with blue hoods.
Some notes on the status of the hoods: check well where the folds are and do the closing operation twice during your test. The mechanism must go straight and the canvas must remain for the duration of the closure above the plastic uprights. If it does not remain out probably the tie rods, from about 40 €, are to be put back. Slightly but for perfection I suggest you look at them.
The hood in general can have holes in three points: on the sides in the back just above the windows, more or less in the direction of the fold of the uprights. Probably when closing the plastic uprights they push on the canvas. The other two critical areas are in the center before and after the back glass.
Before closing the lever, look at how much space is left between the hood and the windshield: it is a sign of wear of the gaskets.
During the opening there must be no metallic noise but only the engine that opens. Once opened, the covering cover must be well aligned both on the passenger side and on the driver's side.
Inside the headrests you can see two rubber pads: if these are open, it means that the car is already set up for the hardtop. The connectors cost just under € 100.
The hard top is a beautiful accessory that totally changes the design of the car, improves the temperature during the winter and is much less noisy. But it is an accessory that I do not recommend, although it is raised and put really in 30 seconds, you can not keep it for months without opening and closing the hood, otherwise the canvas will wear and remains folded.
To restore a hood, I think it could take 1000 €. For the storage of the hard top, it is necessary to follow a very precise laying, otherwise it is distorted and does not close more well: vertical position on the wall or with supports. Always online of hardtop you can find less than 1000 € then it will be repainted (another 200 €)

Equipped headlights can be halogen, xenon or bi-xenon: the first you also recognize them from the photo because there is no headlight system (a small sphere placed on the headlight) for bi-xenon you are forced to try the 'car. Among the many, I saw them only on one. Adding them later is expensive, I would say that it is better to go directly to the LED. If you upgrade to xenon: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=60fJP4q3Nj4 remember that by law you need to have headlights and automatic balancing, so you could make stories (never happened in many years)

Taillights: official there are two models, classic and dark "horizontal" that are part of the black line package.

At first impression then you find a car, small in size, with a nice profile completed by alloy wheels: almost all have 19 "wheels.
I prefer the "original" Porsche rims light gray: many take the OZs and put the Porsche crest on them or repainted them.
The tread is however 235 for the front and 265 for the rear: this dimension allows you to have fun in the true sense of the word in complete safety. I think that with a normal driving, 20000KM with a train of tires you can do ...

The interior of the dashboard and seats can be of different colors: cocoa, biscuit, blacks, dark blue. Personally I prefer the blue contrast and biscuit.

Il navigatore o la parte multimediale ha la sua età quindi non è paragonabile con i nuovi sistemi che si trovano ad oggi: ovviamente lasciarlo originale ha il suo fascino. Sicuramente cercate la versione con il display 2DIN che da un tocco di eleganza al cruscotto.
Esistono in versione stereo 1 DIN, display a 2DIN, con e senza caricatore di CD o addirittura DVD. Il caricatore si trova nel porta bagagli anteriore.
Climatizzatore bi-zona: in genere lo hanno tutte.
I sedili hanno sempre la regolazione elettrica per lo schienale ed è possibile inclinarli in avanti per mettere il proprio cappotto nell’appendino posto dietro il poggiatesta.

The navigator or the multimedia part is his age so it is not comparable with the new systems that are found today: obviously leaving it original has its charm. Definitely look for the version with the 2DIN display that gives a touch of elegance to the dashboard.
There are 1 DIN stereo version, 2DIN display, with and without CD changer or even DVD. The charger is located in the front luggage compartment.
Bi-zone air conditioning: they all generally have it.
The seats always have electric adjustment for the backrest and you can tilt them forward to put your coat in the hanger behind the headrest.

- Sport package: it's a button on the dashboard next to the gearbox that I think is very important to have. This button changes both the engine mapping and the exhaust valve opening valve: giving the cabrio an appealing sound and an impressive response at low revs. Without a button you are forced to resort to home-made solutions that are not comparable. I think it can not be installed later (especially after the machine has reached the venerable age of 100000KM)
- Chrono package (often found with the sports package) is a stopwatch of little use but very nice to see the center of the console
- 6 speeds: it is possible to have this change, very rare and very sought after. It gives the car reduced consumption in extension, some KM / h more (about 10KM / h) and the car suffers much less at low revs. Obviously if you compete between a 5-speed sports and a 6-speed without perhaps (and I say maybe) is better than 5.
- Tiptronics automatic transmission with steering wheel change: considering that it is a technology of more than 10 years ago I would say it is very good and performing, of course you can not compare it to a PDK
- PASM shock absorbers: Porsche Active Suspension Management, in my opinion is a holy hand for the rims and for your driving in the city. The car is "normal" able to face a hole or a bump without doubt and becomes rigid and sporty depending on the path you want to do. If you live in a big city, you need it.
- Instrumentation of white or black border: personally I prefer black
- Leather and fabric seats, full leather and safety belt handle.
- Leather seats with Porsche crest
- Sport leather seats: have a double side shell style
- Leather interior: you will also have the dashboard and the front fairing in leather. I must admit that makes the difference.
- Interior in leather with visible stitching: the top of the range.
- Lumbar adjustment of seats and seats with memory: expensive accessories but I think it is of little use, not to make long journeys
- "S" exhaust terminal: 2005 is ellipse shaped, 2007 and S are two crushed tubes, from 2008 upwards are two round tubes
- Lighting under the dashboard
- LED interior lighting
- Side-mounted spotlight, the top of the range of this light is a hologram with the Porsche emblem that you see on the ground when you open the door
- Windbreaker: even in this case there are transparent, opaque of the same color of the interior or with the Porsche serigraph logo
- Rollbar (those near the headrests) in leather of the color of the seats or in metal of the same color of the body
- Plant with Bose speakers (I think there is a small label on the speakers but I have not had the good fortune to find)
- Brake calipers: gray, red, yellow are at € 500 all four, I recommend if you make them paint do it in a CP so as to show the invoice during the sale
- Porsche official parking sensors integrated with the on-board computer
- GT3 miniskirts: includes forward, back and side.
- Hood that can be opened and requested in motion, I think up to 50KM / h
- Tinted windows and windshields
- Porsche Tool Kit accessible from the front luggage compartment: it is very useful, they are all the keys to remove headlights and replace the "do it yourself" light bulbs
- Porsche official floor mats (too beautiful)
- Chrome-plating: chrome-plated around the headlights, on the back that opens when the hood is closed, on the sill
/g/987 https://www.qrcod.it/g/987 3/284 Team-Battle Very simple to use, excellent for any occasion
$ 1,000.00
Porsche Boxster 987
I chose the Boxster model because in my opinion it is the car with which I can better approach this fantastic world. It is true that it is the smallest: somewhere we must also star
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