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The QrCodes are printable images that you can put close to your products, each QrCode can contain different contents: photos, text, audio, video or link to your website. The platform makes it easy and immediate to create and edit QrCodes directly from your smartphone.


Thanks to our technology, you decrease the amount of time you spend introducing your products on display, or works of art in the case of museums. You can finally focus on business negotiation.

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The creation and modification of the contents connected to the QrCodes is simple and immediate: you can do it wherever you want and when you want thanks to the mobile app and the web portal. Each time you modify the QrCode card, all visitors who have photographed it will receive the update with the new contents.

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You know everything

At any time you can access the usage graphs of your QrCodes and always know what your visitors are watching. You can also request daily reports via email in PDF format. Each chart contains the number of views of your listings divided by time slot. Whenever a visitor opens the information for the second time, you will receive an alert.

* Charts and access data are part of Premium Services

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Every time a visitor takes a picture of your QrCode, a "crumb" is recorded anonymously in the phone. Information will always be available to users. This feature available on apps and on the phone's browser will allow visitors to continue watching the contents of your QrCodes even from home. You will receive a notification every time a crumb is displayed even outside your showroom.
You can create advertising campaigns by sending push messages to visitors: they will receive a non-invasive notification compatible with the GDPR.
Activate proximity marketing immediately for your business: thanks to our devices you can effectively and efficiently reach visitors to your showroom. The platform takes advantage of all the latest technologies and makes them simple and accessible to everyone directly from your smartphone. For the first time, you are free to create all the QR codes that you need for free, print them and use them all the time

SEO Optimisation

The platform is integrated with all social channels and is able to advertise your online listings. Each QrCode generates a link already indexed by Google and is dedicated only to you, is a great way to enhance your website or your Facebook page. The platform integrates with Instagram and Facebook: it also generates you automatically the JPG and PDF formats of the descriptive cards of each QrCode.

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Create all the QrCodes you want without limits. Print them independently, modify them. Send unlimited push messages of your advertising campaigns. On offer for a limited period the online advertising SEO module for your QrCodes.

Premium services include support and dashboard with all display plots of your listings.

Secure payment via Paypal (you can unsubscribe at any time, without penalty and without notice)

IBeacon Bluetooth / NFC Device Rental - Google Nearby

For more information on premium services with iBeacon Bluetooth and NFC contact our sales department support@qrcod.it

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Our product is technologically advanced and thanks to the latest technology supports Industry 4.0: QrCode, Bluetooth Beacon, RFID, NFC. We also provide the free mobile app to share your products on social networks. We have thought of everything: we enable you to do everything yourself directly from your desk.
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